Save Pounds by Planing Ahead

You can save a fair amount of money simply by being orgnised and planing ahead.

Train tickets can be a lot cheaper if you book them in advance, on average 39% claim

Make packed lunches for when you go out on day trips and save spending your money at expnsive services stations or buying over priced refreshments at the venue.

When shopping for fresh food, plan what you are going to eat the following week and only buy enough for what you need so no food gets wasted and thrown away.

Tickets for shows, attractions, theme parks, etc are often cheaper when you book tickets in advance, so check their website for the best deals.

If you buy your lunch on a daily basis, stop and plan your lunchs! When you go shopping buy bread and filling to make sanwiches and buy multi packs of chocholate bars and chrisps. You can get Mars Bars, etc at around 30 pence each and chrisps at 10 pence per bag when bought in multi packs instead of the 50p-70p you may pay indivualy in the shop on the way to work or the vending machine at work.

Take advantage of special deals and sales when you see them, not only if you need something right now, for example you may see a winter coat that is on sale just as spring is approaching but know you’ll need one when winter comes around again, or you may see a special deal on an item that would make the perfect gift for someone but their birthay maybe months away. Buy now and save later.